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An Introduction, About the Author Smooth Kahuna

Updated: Feb 5

Greetings and Aloha.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Thank you for taking the time to read the About Me section. It is my hope that you find the information, direction, and insight you seek to make meaningful changes in your life through these articles. We have and will have many topics to cover from; Depression and Anxiety, to Couples Communication, and advise for that willful child.

A little about the me.

Consider this part the Nutritional/Warning Label on the back of the Box.

I have been in private practice for about a decade. Working mainly with Couples, Executives, and Counseling Individuals. Though now in the great state of Texas, my formative years were in the wonderful State of Hawaii. The non de plume of “Smooth Kahuna” reflects my over all laid back, or as we say in Hawaii “Hang Loose” attitude in life and my personification and pursuit of a being a Teacher

or Expert that gives their wisdom to the Tribe.

Approach, and Mission Statement

I have lost count of how many degree’s I have. They are mostly in Psychology and Theology but I like to say the greatest school I ever attended was the one of Hard Knocks. My early background was a missionary suffering for Jesus in the Pacific and I got my start professionally in working in Residential Treatment Facilities. For those in the know it is the best On the Job Training for becoming a


From the X generation, known to be pretty blunt and straight forward with a few earth tones sprinkled into my writing the easily offended be fore warned. These articles are not going to be your mamby pamby, wishy washy, bad behavior affirming articles that keep you from taking up the responsibility and accountability you owe to yourself for the change that you need.

No these article will challenge your thinking, away from the conventional norm’s. Present demands for growth and change that will require conviction of spirit and courage.

All we be in Love but the love that knows you can do better, and you want to do better.

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